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Golf holiday climate or golf trip climate info
When you are planning a golf holiday or golf trip we suggest you to evaluate the typical countries' and regions' climate in that month. You will find the links below.
If you also enjoy golf in the heart of the summer, a region with a sea climate can be considered as the best destination. The North East of Spain, Portugal and France have a warm sea climate. A mild sea climate can be found in Netherlands and Belgium, whereas there is a somewhat windier moderate sea climate in Denmark, North West Germany and also in England, Scotland and Ireland. In these sea climate countries it does rain relatively often.
A Mediterranean climate with warm, frequently hot, summers and mild winters is found in Portugal, Spain, South Italy, and Greece, where it is possible to enjoy golf already in early spring and also still in late autumn.
Golf destinations in Hungary, Sweden and Bulgaria are characterised by a land climate with large temperature differences between summer and winter. Look at the climatological characteristics per region for the choice of the optimal golf months.
A transition between a sea climate and a land climate is present in golfing countries like North Italy, Czech republic, South Sweden and South East Germany, while Austria and Switzerland also have a typical “high mountains climate”.
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